Death in the Terminal

About The Film

A terrorist attack at an Israeli bus station, and the paranoia-fueled confusion that followed, are deconstructed in tragic minute-by-minute detail in the provocative DEATH IN THE TERMINAL. Security cameras capture the moment in October 2015 when gunfire erupted in the Beersheba terminal, sending panicked citizens scrambling for cover and soldiers springing into action, while others take the law into their own hands. When the chaotic firefight ended, a suspected terrorist had been shot, captured and brutally beaten by an angry mob. Surveillance footage plus eyewitness testimony slowly expose the elusive truth, the shifting perceptions of victims and perpetrators, and the danger of a hair-trigger society forever on edge. Audience Award and Best Documentary winner at Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival, and Best Documentary Israeli Academy Award winner.

Film Details

Running Time 
54 minutes
Atlanta Premiere