About The Film

Suspecting that his wife is cheating on him, a man heads down a rabbit hole of extreme measures, in the sophisticated, gripping Israeli psychological drama ECHO. From all appearances, Avner (Yoram Toledano) seems a happily married dad with a successful career as a chief engineer in Haifa. But his world begins to spin out of control when he discovers a traffic ticket with a photo of his psychologist wife Ella (Yaël Abecassis) in the arms of a strange man. To prove an affair, Avner spies in his own home, secretly recording his wife’s phone calls and retracing her footsteps. He uncovers a bitter truth: the woman he married is a complete stranger to him. As Avner becomes more isolated, his struggle to grasp the true nature of his marriage increasingly reflects back on himself. Nominated for four Israeli Academy Awards including Best Actor, this true-to-life depiction of an unraveling relationship is a somber meditation on the intersection between love and obsession, and the fateful damage of words unheard or unsaid.

Film Details

Running Time 
98 minutes
Atlanta Premiere