Friedkin Uncut

About The Film

A master of the New Hollywood movement, the eccentric, inquisitive and fascinating William Friedkin riffs on his remarkable filmmaking career, and topics cinematic and spiritual, in FRIEDKIN UNCUT. One of the 1970s' leading directors, Friedkin's oeuvre of chills and thrills includes The Exorcist that redefined the horror genre, and the gritty crime actioner The French Connection, best picture and director Oscar winner. Born in Chicago to Jewish immigrants, his start in broadcast documentary informed the raw realism of his verité style. Not unlike his filmography, Friedkin is provocative, profane, candid and often wickedly funny as he deconstructs his no-nonsense, savvy storyteller reputation. Clips from Friedkin's blockbusters as well as cult and controversial works (Killer Joe, Cruising), and notably, the ill-fated Sorcerer, his most personal project, are augmented by anecdotes from a pantheon of admirers including Ellen Burstyn, Quentin Tarantino and Francis Ford Coppola.

Film Details

Running Time 
107 minutes
East Coast Premiere