The Last Resort

About The Film

A once-thriving Jewish beachfront paradise is rediscovered through priceless, captivating photos, in THE LAST RESORT, a wistful portrait of a Miami Beach of a bygone era. During the 1960s and '70s, this mecca of sun, low cost of living and thriving cultural life, was a veritable shtetl for Jewish retirees and Holocaust survivors escaping harsh Northeast winters. Friends Andy Sweet and Gary Monroe spent ten years photographing this bustling population of senior snowbirds at play. Using entirely different styles—Monroe favoring stark black-and-white over Sweet’s candid candy-colored images—these talented shutterbugs captured with sensitivity and insight the Miami Beach of yesteryear. In a tonal shift reflecting the turbulent '80s, the project’s happy origins give way to the sordid realities of rising rents and violent crime. This vibrant and informative peek through the camera lens is a visually superb record of a short-lived but long remembered chapter in Miami Beach history.

Film Details

Running Time 
70 minutes
Atlanta Premiere
Renaissance on Peachtree