About The Film

Molly Picon, queen of Yiddish musicals, returns to the screen in the marvelous comic melodrama MAMELE, a classic of 1930s Yiddish cinema now digitally restored by The National Center for Jewish Film. This Cinderella-styled fable set in Łódź centers on dutiful daughter Khavtshi (Picon), left tending house for her helpless and indifferent family after the death of their mother. Cooking, cleaning and matchmaking for her siblings, with little time for herself, Khavtshi romps undaunted through life, singing and dancing her way from childhood to old age. The final Yiddish film to be shot on location in Poland before Nazi occupation, director Joseph Green embraces prewar Jewish life in Łódź in all its diversity—its nogoodniks and unemployed, nightclubs and gangsters, and religious Jews—alongside Molly Picon’s special brand of humor and song.

Film Details

Running Time 
97 minutes