Playing God

About The Film

A fixture of America’s most tragic events, the charismatic and controversial lawyer charged with the impossible task of calculating the cost of a human life is the subject of PLAYING GOD. From the 9/11 attacks and Sandy Hook massacre, to the man-made Agent Orange and BP oil spill disasters, Ken Feinberg is asked to apply cold mathematical formulas to compensate those who have lost everything. Criticized by some as cruel and heartless, while praised by others for his impartiality, Feinberg juggles politics, economic interests and mass suffering to assess claims and determine damages, his decision-making informed by a Jewish upbringing and ethos. Defenders, critics and the families—and Feinberg himself—weigh in on the thorny legal, financial and moral dilemmas of this polarizing figure who at times seems virtually omnipotent.

Film Details

Running Time 
95 minutes
Southeast Premiere