Russian Jews. Film 2. 1918-1948.

About The Film

An extraordinary, creatively constructed trilogy of titanic scope, RUSSIAN JEWS charts the fascinating and complex history of Jews in Russia. Film 1 Before the Revolution spans shtetl life to the revolutionaries who later broke from tradition, and anti-Jewish violence and ensuing emigration. Film 2 1918–1948 examines Jewish participation in Soviet cultural and political circles, from Trotsky and Chagall, to writers, musicians and filmmakers. Film 3 After 1948 depicts the tumultuous lead-up to the fall of the Soviet Union and rise of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism, and eminent Jews in the arts, sciences and elsewhere, who thrived nonetheless. Narrated by acclaimed journalist Leonid Parfyonov, this illuminating study chronicles countless Jewish contributions to Russian society.

Russian Jews is a documentary trilogy screening consecutively across multiple dates. Parts can be viewed collectively or as standalone films. Tickets sold separately.

Film Details

Running Time 
125 minutes
North American Premiere