Schindler's List

About The Film

Ranked among the greatest and most historically significant films, SCHINDLER’S LIST is the unsparing, profoundly moving epic that continues to inspire with lessons of moral courage. Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece achieves the seemingly impossible: a rigorous, sobering, accessible and artistically stunning Holocaust drama, told through the incredible true story of an unlikely humanitarian. Mercenary industrialist Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) saved the lives of over a thousand Jews, sheltering them as factory workers, aided by his accountant Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley). Meantime, the Jews of Kraków face a Nazi forced labor camp overseen with casual cruelty by SS commandant Amon Goeth (a monstrous Ralph Fiennes). Winner of 7 Academy Awards including for Best Picture, its black-and-white cinematography, and John Williams’ haunting score.

Film Details

Running Time 
195 minutes
The Lovett School
Pace Academy
Woodward Academy