The Waldheim Waltz

About The Film

Austria's submission for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, THE WALDHEIM WALTZ examines the scandal around Kurt Waldheim's Nazi past and his bid for the Austrian presidency. Fresh from a stint as UN Secretary General, Waldheim's campaign sparked an international outcry over allegations about his wartime activities and attempts to conceal it. As evidence of his complicity in Nazi atrocities mounts, an ugly battle to whitewash Austria's past ensues, pitting Waldheim against political opponents, journalists, historians and the World Jewish Congress. Award-winning documentarian Ruth Beckermann mixes newsreels and personal commentary to create a riveting day-by-day chronology and incisive study of a country swept up in xenophobic fervor, historical revisionism, and anti-Semitic backlash, with disconcerting present-day parallels. Berlin International Film Festival Best Documentary winner, and DocAviv Film Festival Best International Film winner.

Film Details

Running Time 
94 minutes
Atlanta Premiere