From Cairo to the Cloud: The World of the Cairo Geniza

About The Film

A trove of manuscripts unearthed in ancient Egypt uncloaks secrets of a vanished civilization, in FROM CAIRO TO THE CLOUD: THE WORLD OF THE CAIRO GENIZA. Opened after centuries, the 1896 discovery of the sacred storeroom (or Geniza) in an Old Cairo synagogue revolutionized historians' grasp of a thousand years of vibrant Jewish-Arabic life. Larger and arguably more significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls, these papers—religious texts, love letters, medical prescriptions, children’s drawings, even invoices—provide the clearest look at the cultural and economic lives of everyday Jews, Christians and Muslims. By tracking the painstaking efforts of scholars to restore, translate and preserve this astonishing find, award-winning filmmaker Michelle Paymar reveals a period of religious tolerance nearly unthinkable today.

Film Details

Running Time 
92 minutes
Atlanta Premiere
Birthright Israel Foundation